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v1.3.6.12 for Android
Updated On:
Jun 06, 2020


Zombie Army Trilogy Mod Apk: This is the name of a free zombie shooting and virus survival game for the dead, called "The Zombie Army Trilogy Virus Survival". The concept of the game is a soldier who returns from duty on vacation and sees that no one is at his house, and then realizes that some people have kidnapped his family to stop his activities. Because the biological war is about to begin. And bad people spread the virus all over the world and they know you can stop them so they kidnap your family. It is now your responsibility to shoot them and kill the zombies to save your family. The virus attacks the body.

So continue your defense and shoot one of the best person / third-person shooters, "The Zombie Army Trilogy". In 2050, World War III broke out and the country's front changed. Biological warfare will begin and zombie apocalypse will begin. A special sniper team was beheaded for fighting to kill weapons and zombies to save humanity!

Fight for your family to save them from the zombie army. Choose the best weapon to fight the dead and walk towards you

Kill all the dead and don't leave the zombies alive and save your family. Are you ready for all the action and adventure of this fantastic shooter game? If you do not want to die, try the best shooting and dolls in amazing zombie shooting games!

This zombie game is an action game in which you:

  • Shoot the zombies with epic 3D weapons in this addictive shooting game
  • Experience 3D shooting as a zombie hunter in the best zombie game

Zombie Army Trilogy Features:

Apocalypse - Can You Do a Survey?

  • A free FPS offline flight game where huge waves of zombies come to you in the form of storms
  • Shoot the zombies before you attack. The dead can come at any time in this zombie game
  • Head-shot zombies to survive in a real shooting game

Variety in offline games

  • The best offline game zombies with various killing skills
  • Zombie games with some zombies that can be heavily infected with the virus
  • This zombie game is one of the most zombie types of zombie shooting games.

Powerful weapon offline game

  • Shooting game with multiple weapons - rifle, shotgun and more
  • Find combat tactics in the game of shooting with different weapons.
  • Shoot zombies with the right thrust to become a Terminator on the battlefield and win the zombie game.

Hit different cards in action games

  • Stop the zombies from escaping by defending the fronts specified in the offline fly game
  • Accurate shot in the offline game can provoke an explosion which can save the sniper at the right time
  • Shoot game with many types of the country to watch

»Real character

»Ter good game

»Good quality

»Good size

»Ter better compatibility

»User Good user experience

»Graph Better graphics

How to install APK mode file

  • Download (Bio War | Zombie Army Trilogy | Virus Survival) Install APK file
  • Remove the folder
  • Launch the app and enjoy

What is new:

  • Zombie Army Trilogy All previous mistakes of Bio War stay away from the virus
  • Upload a new version
  • Remove the virus
  • Bio War | There is unlimited money left over from the Zombie Army Trilogy virus