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App By:
Pearl Games
1.5.0 for Android
Updated On:
Jun 04, 2020

Village City Island Sim 2 - Discover and expand your island, city and beach life in a virtual world full of quests where you have the power to create many different structures with a selection of over 100 unique buildings. Cinemas, offices, bakeries, restaurants, and even oil platforms on your paradise island.

Village City Island Sim 2 is a strategy/simulation video game in which you build a small village and then turn it into a metropolis. Based on very early simulation games, this game offers the thrill of a simulation game on a mobile device. The graphics are great, there are so many options for you and in this game, you can do many things - and you can do it all by downloading our mode!

Village City is a management game in which you turn a piece of desert land into a profitable - and very profitable - city. If you are a fan of city management games and are looking for a new challenge, try this game and spend hours investing and building.

Even if you start the game with a lot of money, you need to invest it wisely if you want to build a prosperous city. To create a time-tested city, you need to build homes where families can live, where they can work, and where they can relax. Invest in new buildings, create a city that is the best place to live and more and more people are visiting your city.

But your city should also be profitable in Village City. To make money, build houses and shops, and collect money from them. After that, you can invest this money to make more money for your city! That being said, sometimes you have to destroy companies to build new ones. So, carefully calculate how much each person produces to determine how to upgrade your city and make it as profitable as possible. What to do.

Most importantly, you can quickly complete the mission to level up. Try Village City, browse the almost endless possibilities this game offers, and listen to its citizens to make the city prosperous!


  • Features:
  • Nice graphics
  • Easy control
  • More than 85 unique buildings
  • Ability to rebuild
  • Too many awards
  • Build and expand the city


Village City Island Sim 2 is a game app for people who like to create games in the city. It gives them the opportunity to build a new city from scratch and invites people to live there, giving them opportunities to live and work. It is an excellent virtual city game and can adequately entertain you on trips where you do not have access to the internet.