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1.1.1 for Android
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May 01, 2020


Vector 2 introduces the player to the following events that occurred earlier in the vector game. However, as the main character, you still don’t know what happened to you at the end of the rest of the challenges.

At the beginning of the game, you suddenly wake up in a strange laboratory and a few parts of your shattered memories come to mind. However, knowing exactly what happened is not enough for you. You don't even know if you were fired from the company or in someone else's hands.

The only thing you can think of is to try to escape again with your incredible parkour skills. And so you start your new adventures in Vector 2.

With new maps, updated animation and parkour skills, abundant tools, and all-new missions and challenges, players in Vector 2 will be on a whole new platforming adventure. So you should start running now.


Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Easy control and intuitive instructions

At the beginning of the game, Android players are presented with simple and intuitive controls that optimize the Android touchscreen and allow players to engage in completely simple and satisfying tasks. Use simple controls as you perform fantastic parker movements to overcome obstacles in a timely manner. Apart from that, you will receive many instructions on various missions and challenges to support you in your work.

Enjoy unique platform gameplay

The game offers Android players a unique and satisfying Parker platform gameplay that you may not have seen before. And if you don't play previous vector games, it will definitely blow you away with freshness and exciting gameplay. Find yourself in a new vector adventure and try to survive as long as you can until you land through a large research facility.

Overcome different levels and levels

And when you discover the secrets hidden in the lab, you face many levels and various challenges to overcome. With increasing difficulties, each step becomes more difficult for you.

Use new hi-tech equipment

To help your character escape from the labs, players have the option to purchase a variety of high-tech devices as well as items and items from a variety of devices. That being said, you can give yourself powered shoes to improve jumping and running, power gloves that improve your grip, and protective shields that prevent the laser beam from hurting you. Keep and discover other interesting future tools along the way.

Various upgrades

And to make your devices even more useful, the game offers various upgrades that you can purchase. This is a useful upgrade that can seriously improve your skills during the run. Depending on the specific use of your tools, these upgrades increase their effectiveness in a variety of situations.

Learn Parkour's new tricks to increase your chances of survival

And since it's an escape platform, Android players can access various Parker tricks and techniques to do it themselves. Having said that, you will be able to work with simple techniques, such as The more advanced curve in the air. You can also refine your tricks to make them more refined and effective. And don’t forget that the simplest tricks to overcome difficult obstacles are always the best. So don’t focus on the more complex ones because they feel better.

Complete many achievements and earn awards

In addition to the main game, you also have various achievements in the game. These are specific questions you can answer during your story challenges. If you are looking for a special price to brag about friends, this is the way to go.

Connect to your social account for useful additional features

And for those interested in more social gameplay, you can easily add your social account with Vector 2. This way you can find your friends who are playing the game with their progress in the game. Apart from that, you can also compete with game online gamers through epic leaderboards where the best records of millions of online gamblers are kept. Try your best so you can write your name on the board.

Not to mention that since your account is connected to the game, you also enable storage online storage features that allow your devices to automatically upload your progress to decline drives. This way you can protect your game from possible data loss.

The game is completely free

However, the game is currently listed as a paid version in the Google Play Store. That being said, you have to pay a certain amount to have it installed on your devices. Not to mention that in-app purchases are very annoying.

So, you can install a modified version of our game instead. With this, you have initially installed the game on your Android device completely free of charge. Second, we also remove ads and add unlimited money so you can enjoy the game to the fullest.

If you find this very interesting, you can easily install the game by downloading our Vector 2 Mod APK. Follow the instructions and it will be successfully installed on your devices.

Image and sound quality


The game offers simple and sophisticated graphics that introduce players to future dystopia. With clean and fluid animation, you'll be able to enjoy the epic Parker platform gameplay just like anyone else.


With an intense and addictive soundtrack, you can fully connect with your amazing escape experiences. So you will definitely find the sound more enjoyable.


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