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App By:
Andrii Ichenets
1.11.0 for Android
Updated On:
May 05, 2020


Random touch appears when you have broken, damaged, defective or poor performance. This program can then help you by blocking screen particles.

You show.

There are two types of screens. With the addition of the field required by the first user, automatically and secondary first.

Automatic analysis screen for a specific period. And locates the screen on which someone clicks. (If the analysis is running, it should not be displayed on the screen!).

The second type allows you to manually add the required field for any size and position.

In the Manager area, you can select a use or use area, change the color, or remove unnecessary ones.

Default settings can be changed in Settings.

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If you have a broken, damaged, or defective display that shows all sorts of random, random, arbitrary, self, ghosts ... but it all touches the unwanted.

This program can then help you block the part of the screen where it appears.

Blocking touch stops all kinds of touches and gestures in the specified area.

When the application first launches, automatic screen analysis begins. The standard analysis time is 1 minute. (Do not perform during scoring during the competition!)

There are two types of touch lock connection zones - automatic and manual mode.

After the automatic screen analysis is performed, all touches for a specified time interval are stopped to identify the restricted area. (Do not perform during scoring during the competition!)

When the analysis is complete, the stopped clicks with the blocked touch are analyzed, reduced, and grouped into zones.

In manual mode, you must manually add the required restricted area. Select "Add Manual Field" and place the desired size range on the screen.

In a touch detector, it is also possible to track parts of the screen that are softly touched.

At the top of the screen are the first two-position switches for two types of blocking. Activate both if you are using zones added in automatic and manual mode.

In the field manager you can: select active/inactive fields, change the color, size, and position of the area, remove unnecessary areas.

In the settings, you can change the parameters for automatic screen analysis and the creation/combination of touch in blocked areas.

In bubble mode, you can lock the entire screen by tapping the screen twice. The display is shown at the top of all scenes and can be placed on any part of the screen.

Advanced functions are available to subscribers:

  • Processing field in the manager;
  • Full overlap area mode (above all elements);
  • Auto start service on power;
  • Changes in the transparency of all sectors;
  • The maximum number of areas increased by 50%.
  • Touch the detector to detect damaged areas.
  • Bubble screen block mode.


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What is new?

V 1.11

  • Bug fixed
  • Improve stability
  • Add rounded corners
  • Translation of EN, UA, RU, BY, DE, ES, FR, IN, MY, BR, PT

For customers:

  • Change color by #hex value
  • Added preload mode for loading fields from files (additional content link)