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1.7.0 for Android
Updated On:
Jun 05, 2020


Netcut Pro Mod Apk is one of the best and most popular Wi-Fi cut network apps on Google Play Store.

This gives you complete control over Wi-Fi users connected to your phone via a hotspot or modem for your own network.

You can easily identify all types of connected users, visible or invisible, highly encrypted invisible users connected to you.

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Using the app, you can disconnect any device from the modem or hotspot, connect to your phone, and disable the device's Internet connection completely.

Download the app now and control the connected devices. Monitor all types of users through the Netcut Pro Mod Apk.

Netcut Pro Mod Apk for Android

The app identifies all types of users who share and use your connection, including popular smartphones, Xbox, PS4, PS3, softphones, and more.

You can deactivate any network with just one click. If you want to find out if users who do not have authorized access and do not have a valid IP address are using your data, the app is best suited.

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One of the best features of the app is that you can disable access between users and thus restrict their communication.

Netcut Pro Mod Apk also provides you with an activation and deactivation system with a verified keylogger.

You can update the scan with Netcut Pro Mod Apk when there are usually more users.

The app is available in the Play Store as well as with the top grade of 4..4 and has a large number of online downloads.

The app also requires a simple root and works with Android 4 or later.

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Features of Netcut Pro Mod Apk

Find all connected users from your network

With the full version of Netcut Pro APK, you can identify every connected user on a Wi-Fi network with just one click. All users using Wi-Fi are shown as potential users.

Control Internet connection on devices

The application gives you comprehensive controls for managing and editing an Internet connection for users connected to your device or modem. You have full control over the devices to control internet access through hotspot or wifi.

Turn off the Internet with just one click

The application not only identifies all users using your network but gives them complete control over the Internet access available.

With just one click, you can properly disable an individual Internet connection on the device, and users will no longer be able to connect.

Scan and update to identify unwanted users

The application can accidentally identify most users using your Internet access. The update option, which shows the most hidden and suspicious users, detects almost all invisible networks.

Control LAN connections between users

Users who use your network for LAN connections can be quietly disabled by the application, which disables communication between users and any two users of their choice.

User type identification

The app not only identifies users, but it also identifies and determines what type of user is connected to your Wi-Fi and helps you monitor the systems and hardware they use. Is.

Get every detail of the connected user

Netcut Pro recognizes APK mode and provides every user's details directly using the IP address, system type, speed, network, passwords used, and more in the application.

Find suspicious users and isolate them.

For extra security detect any suspicious and malicious users on your WiFi network immediately and disconnect them immediately.

What is new

1. Cruise control

2. Phone user report.

3. One-click to restrict everyone.

4. Chart report by brand.

5. Search for IP / Name / Brand

6. Slow scan

7. Random fake muck

8. 3-way attack

9. Blacklist

10. Quick scan mode