Foodpia Tycoon Idle restaurant Mod Apk 1.3.38 (Unlimited Money) + Mod - Capital Simulation Game for Android Restaurant

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Foodpia Tycoon Idle restaurant Mod Apk Unlimited Money - Capitalist Restaurant is a fun and beautiful simulation game style game with idol clicker and fun gameplay. South Korean St Korean Rm X Studio is responsible for creating and publishing the game and has developed it for a free operating Android operating system. As always, Farside is preparing and offering Foodpia Tycoon for the first time on Iranian websites. In this game, you will play the role of a capitalist and a partner of a large company that runs a chain restaurant. Now you need to present your company in different parts of the world. Go to work and manage a large collection of chain rests. Your job is to find new people and build a restaurant to expand your business. To do this, after establishing the business, you need to run a good restaurant with skilled chefs, fine cuisine, and other suitable facilities. Your restaurant will always need your management and you will always find it beneficial. You can automate the process of selling food in this restaurant so that it automatically earns money for you. Foodpia Tycoon - Idol restaurant has many other areas, one of which is the points section called Party Time which is a quick way to earn points and more money by clicking on the page. The money you earn can help you expand into a restaurant or open new branches. In this game, you can travel to famous cities of the world like New York, Rio, Paris, London, Las Vegas, Toronto and many other places and open your restaurant branch in these cities.

Some Features of Foodpia Tycoon - Idol Restaurant Android Game:

- + Simulation with management style and idol clicker gameplay

- + Ability to create and open 10 different types of restaurants, such as National Food Restaurant or Fast Food

- + ility to travel to 21 different cities around the world to open global office fees and earn more money

- + Ability to use 80 expert chefs to cook a variety of food

- + Possibility to create 60 different types of dishes

- + Possibility to cook special dishes for each city

- + Party time rating expires

- + A Google Account can save the game process

- + The right size without internet

Foodpia Tycoon Idle restaurant Mod Apk is a management and fun game that can entertain every player of all classes and ages with humor and fresh design. In this game, you can test your management skills and compete with your friends to find out who has the potential to make more money, open a restaurant and run it in different parts of the world. With over 1 million downloads on Google Play, Foodpia Tycoon has a good score of 4.5 out of 5.0. Below you can easily and with one click download a simple and modified version of this game from Hackdale Servers. You can also check out a picture or trailer video for more information about the game.

Foodpia Tycoon - Idol Restaurant Mod for EPC Version v1.3.38

[Show updates. 1.3.37

-When the chef's menu, recipe, or item has a confirmation popup with Ruby open.

The default value of the button to set the level has changed to X1, and the last selected value is retained even when exiting the game.