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Clickteam USA LLC
1.0.3 for Android
Updated On:
Jun 08, 2020


Visit your own pizzeria and experience a unique simulation game where you have complete control over your pizzeria. With so many management options available, players have become familiar with many aspects of restaurant management, including setting up and running your business, doing paperwork, making delicious pizzas, and more.

And you can also experience the thrilling and exciting gameplay of the famous horror game Five Nights at Freddie. Enjoy playing with the infamous characters from the series and let them run the restaurant for you.

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The game is basically a ported version of the popular PC game Five Nights at Freddie's Pizzeria, in which players are responsible for the pizzeria and experience the most typical tycoon gameplay. Make your own delicious pizza and feed the hungry kids. Attract more customers to your features with all kinds of fantastic toys and arcade games. Expand your business and take care of your restaurant.

Fearfully fix anything that is broken in the process. Notice the useless paper that presents a terrible case in your company. And as you struggle more and more in the game, players need to become more and more aware of the terrible events. You will start to wonder who is behind this restaurant, why they kept you, and what is happening here.

Experience fun and addictive cartoons with inspiring gameplay you've never played before. FNF6: Pizzeria Simulator.


Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Simple and intuitive contact controls

FNF6: Pizzeria Simulator initially offers the player the possibility to gain simple and customized controls that help players quickly get used to the game's features. It is very accessible to get game options through an intuitive user interface. It feels more comfortable than playing on your PC.

Create your own pizzeria

Choose your pizzeria store and start creating your own store, with access to all available aspects of the restaurant giant game. But this time it’s even more terrifying and scary. Create your own pizzeria from scratch. Has your business expanded and expanded by attracting new customers? And in the meantime, prepare yourself for some weird and scary events that you've never seen in a giant game.

Increase your Faiz rating to attract customers

The game uses Faiz ratings to indicate how popular your restaurant is. After each business day, you need to review your review to make sure it is positive and growing. Or you may face a final sentence from the master you know.

Players can increase their phase rating through a number of tasks, including buying items, providing good services, repairing their restaurant, and doing paperwork skillfully. Every day, FNF 6: Pizzeria Simulator will be a challenge for you.

Manage your business with all kinds of overseas options

When you become the manager of this haunted pizzeria, FNAF 6: Pizzeria Simulator can familiarize itself with fantastic gameplay you've never seen before in any other giant game. Strange and bizarre events that will surely take your nerves. Creepy and scary sounds will always keep you awake. Not sure if you will survive until the next day. Who knows if the sneaky owner of a restaurant wants to do something without it?

Test yourself

With fantastic gameplay, FNAF 6: Pizzeria Simulator also introduces players to classic and relaxed games with ease in restaurant giant games. Feel free to customize your restaurant with all kinds of decorations and accessories. And most of all, you can test multiple devices in your installation. And that means I want to enjoy the arcade slot machines on display in your shop. Enjoy many mini-games compared to the strange and terrifying atmosphere around you that are surprisingly normal and happy.

Take your time in paperwork

This game has all sorts of legal relationships related to what happened in your creepy restaurant. Suddenly a little girl came out, the head of the animatronic suddenly fell down and so on. You will quickly see that the pizzeria you are working on is not normal.

Happened to experience strange and scary events

Speaking of which, strange and terrible events also happen in the game which happens during the game. Simple things like flipping and stuttering screens, strange sounds coming from nowhere, and the like. There is a fear of sudden jumps that can stop your heart.

Unlock the game completely from our APK

The game is currently the paid version in the Google Play Store. If you want, you can easily install it on your devices. If you prefer, you can check out our FNF6 Pizzeria Simulator APK to unlock the gameplay completely. Just download the file and install it on your device to enjoy this fantastic game for free. You will also get rid of annoying ads.

Image and sound quality


The game has relatively simple graphics that make it accessible to most Android devices. However, this does not mean that the graphics are bad in any way. Indeed, the immersive and well-designed atmosphere makes everything look very real and reliable. You will really get lost in this haunted place.


With dynamic audio experiences, players in the FNAF6 Pizzeria Simulator never enjoy epic gameplay. Not to mention the actual sound effects and speech dialogues make things very believable. Be careful not to get your pants wet while playing this game.