Dunk N Beat Mod App 1.4.6 (Hacked, Unlocked) + Mod - Funny Jump and "Jump Musical" especially for Android

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Unlock a Dunk n Beat Mod app - Music Jump is another very fun and entertaining game that comes from a popular studio in Singapore, featuring popular titles such as Tape Tape Riborn, Piano Solo, Infinity Run, Magic Tiles, Dancing Road and Dancing Buzz. includes. Beat Hop or Color Hop 3D was introduced for free with the payment functionality in that app. The studio has a lot of activity in the field of making music style games and it has to be said that it is the most active sports company in the field. In this article from the FarsoidEd website, we want to offer you another exciting and popular game of this studio, which has a modified version for loved ones and the latest version for download. In this game, which combines both leisure and musical styles, basketball is rotated from a different angle.

In Dunk n Beat, you have to try to achieve the main objective of the game, which is to collect basketball collect l and lead it through the net in full musical and interesting stages. What you have to do seems easy and it is not difficult, but the fact is that the style of play becomes more difficult if you go a little further than usual. Therefore, it is better not to think too much about the game and to play the game with sufficient concentration for challenge and entertainment.

At the beginning of each stage of the sting n beat Mod application game, the basketball .l will be thrown in front of you one at a time and you have to move the mesh closer to the balls so that it can go straight inside. However, the path of the balls will not be the same, which means you have to move left or right with great precision so that not a single ball is touched. Each level of Dunk n Beat is paired with an electronic-style song, and each level of the game features particularly catchy and audible music. The songs selected for Dunk N Beat are from the best music of all genres. It’s all very exciting and excites the players, making the whole game fun and exciting. The graphics of the game are simple, but colorful and fancy and create a sleek design. The gameplay is very simple and can be done with just one hand, which keeps the game well in its fun shape and image. The title has been downloaded more than 5 million times on Google Play and has a rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 so far. The Dunk N Beat game can now be downloaded as a test in both regular and Modeling versions of Hackdale.

Dunk n Beat Mod Apk Application Version 1.4.6

- Defects have been fixed