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Alfred Home Security Camera Mod Apk for Android Free Download

App By:
Alfred Labs Inc.
4.4.4 for Android
Updated On:
May 05, 2020


Make your old smartphone or tablet comfortable by turning it into a surveillance camera, baby monitor, pet camera, or senior care camera with a senior key-talkie, motion detector, and night vision!

★ Most Downloaded Surveillance Camera Application

★ Supported by 10 million families, including the police

★ Care selected by caregivers to save their job

★ Real-time live video surveillance

Make your old smartphone or tablet comfortable by turning it into a surveillance camera, baby monitor, pet camera, or senior care camera with a senior key-talkie, motion detector, and night vision!

you have:

  • Remote access: Stream videos wherever you are.
  • Motion sensors and instant alarms: Always know when something happens.
  • Free cloud collection: Save and save videos.
  • Walk Key-Talkie: Contact with family, pets, delivery men, or intruders.
  • Camera 360K camera marrow: covering a large area with both lenses.
  • Zoom: Get very detailed details.

MOD functions:

  • ARM
  • Ads deleted/disabled
  • Removed Metrics and Analytics
  • Debug information removed.
  • Adjustment

Why change?


Alfred is compatible with most smartphones and tablets on the market. Got a new phone? As long as your older devices are running Android 2.3, they are compatible with Alfred. Your old smartphone and tablet may have a useful second life and a new purpose! You do not have additional devices that collect dust or are now unusable! Do you work behind a PC all day? Use Alfred's Web Viewer to stream video feeds from your computer.


Everyone wants to protect their loved ones and ensure their safety. You do not need a professionally monitored home security system for this. Unlike traditional CCTV systems or surveillance cameras, you can place Alfred anywhere and change as often as you like to increase security. You don't even have to buy an IP camera or a webcam. Aside from the cost of the devices, these smart home devices often charge a monthly fee. There are no complicated installations, IP settings, or agreements with Alfred. Simple and easy: you just need to download Alfred to create a DIY home security system.

In addition to being able to stream your live feed at home, Alfred keeps you up to date with what's going on in your home via motion sensors and instant notifications. If you see an intruder, you can intimidate him by talking on a walkie-talkie and notifying local authorities immediately. It works like an alarm. The videos are stored in free cloud storage and can be saved or downloaded as evidence to identify the suspect. If you’re building a smart home or want to experiment with voice assistants like Google Assistant, Alfred is an essential part of any home improvement or home automation project.

Consider the following scenario: When Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday approaches are like holidays, the number of packets is achieved. Unfortunately, there are cases of package theft. Tracking shipments by the express company does not protect your valuable package! If you check the crime map, you will see that more thefts are taking place than you can imagine. How can you prevent package thieves? In addition to being part of the crime stoppers, you should also make the Alfred Guard the door to your home and keep an eye on your property and shop.

Are you afraid of rising crime rates? If you live, your neighborhood and city are safe if security measures are taken everywhere. If you're a roommate's competitor, you'll need a security system that's easy to install and portable. You make sure your hotel is safe when you travel. If anything, Alfred's video footage will be very useful if you steal, break into and enter a car without your permission, or enter your landlord's apartment.

Environmentally conscious

Why throw away completely useful devices and buy more devices when you can recycle, recycle, and rearrange old devices? Everyone uses their unused smartphones and turns them into music players, GPS navigators, or fitness devices. So why not as a surveillance camera?

What is new?

  • Alfred offers the following new features/improvements to the latest Android version:
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • More information can be found here: